Top 10 facts about Alvin Bragg Pledged

Alvin Bragg is the first Black district attorney of Manhattan.

He pledged "one standard of justice for all" and "a new perspective" as he took office.

Bragg was stopped by police at gunpoint as a 15-year-old boy, giving him a unique perspective on criminal justice issues.

 Bragg's investigation into Donald Trump's alleged involvement in an illegal hush money scheme is fueling accusations that his progressive policies are soft on crime.

Trump has suggested on social media that he may be arrested by Bragg, although he has not presented any evidence to support this claim.

Bragg is a Democrat, and his investigations into Trump's alleged wrongdoing have been criticized by conservatives as politically motivated.

Bragg's record as district attorney will be closely scrutinized by conservatives seeking to portray him as a progressive elitist with little regard for the victims of crime.

Bragg's appointment as district attorney is a significant milestone for Black representation in law enforcement in New York City.

Bragg has promised to prioritize issues like police accountability and racial justice in his work as district attorney.

 Bragg's appointment comes at a time of increased scrutiny of the criminal justice system in the United States and the role of prosecutors in shaping that system.